Collector's One-Stop

What started out as one single sale on eBay has grown into a full-time business (read about it below). Today, we operate an online enterprise which serves customers from all around the globe, shipping hundreds of orders each week.

We believe our success has come about because our first and foremost objective has been to take care of our customers with prompt communication, accurately described items, fast order fulfillment and fair treatment.

What we do isn’t a job, it is our passion.


Collector's One-Stop
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It all started back in December 2004 when I began using eBay to liquidate my excess inventory of scrapbooking supplies.  Little did I know what I was getting into!  As my scrapbooking inventory was successfully depleted, I realized that I didn’t want to quit selling on eBay—I was hooked.  So, I started going through the house and listing our personal items.  I warned my husband that if it wasn’t nailed down, it would probably end up on eBay.

Eventually, I ran out of personal stuff to sell, so the obvious solution to my eBay addiction was to start buying other peoples’ stuff, and I began frequenting garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, etc.  We even bought the entire contents of a stamp store that was going out of business.

Over the years, my inventory has expanded to include vintage and antique collectibles, sports collectibles, hundreds of books, porcelain figurines and dinnerware, Hawaiiana, and, of course, stamp collecting supplies.  It has taken over my basement and the better part of a 1000 square foot storage unit. 

I could never keep on top of it all without the help of my able assistants, Tracy and Lu, and my husband, John.  We have a lot of fun working together and enjoy serving you, our valued customers.  Thanks for stopping by to hear my story.  Visit our Ebay store:





Welcome to our store. Please poke around and make yourself at home. We hope you find what you are looking for, but please let us know if we may be of assistance. Thanks for stopping in and we hope you'll drop in again soon. 720-432-4094 or Janet@Collectors-One-Stop.Com